Dynastar skis the quality of a dynasty

Dynastar skis the quality of a dynasty

With a sporting successes history, dynastar is one of the strongest ski teams in the world. Dynastar skis are a combination of their legendary quality with the latest technology.

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The origin of Dynastar is the union in 1963 between French ski company Starflex and Dynamic. Both companies shared an ambition to create the best high-performance ski and win all sports competitions.

Their effort was rewarded just 3 years later when Marielle Goitschel and Guy Perillat won 3 silver medals in Portillo championship. They was the first three titles of the company in 1966.

Since then, Dynastar skis have been present in all championships, winning a lot of competitions. It becomes one of the most successful brands in the ski history.

Dynastar skis are a symbol of quality and they have the last technology. They always being at the forefront with technologies such as Powerdrive or Hybrid core which provide greater comfort, fluidity, lightness and performance.

In addition to this, Dynastar has a wide range for men, women and children skis and for different styles like freestyle, mountain, race or track disciplines.

The Dynastar ski team has a lot of stars and triumphs.

Throughout its history, many stars have been around Dynastar skis such as Vivian Butcher, Clara Direz, Francois Place or Forrest Coots.

However we are talking about a legendary brand that has obtained titles always with stars like Jeremy Novis, Marc Girardelli, Kjetil André Aamodt, Tommy Moe, Aurélien Ducroz, Jeremy Nobis, Arno Adam, Paoleta Magoni, Debbie Armstrong… The elite athletes list is endless and that is why it can be considered a ski dynasty.

For this reason, Dynastar brand is known for the high quality and it has one of the best ski teams around the world. This brand takes care of their products in all levels to share with the consumer the best comfort and experience.

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