If something describes Movement skis, it’s the innovation and latest technology that this skis has. This brand born in Switzerland in the 80s and it offer the best snowboard products until now.

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Born with the idea of making the best snowboard, which they achieved with their legendary board WILD DUCK Movement, Movement is a Swiss company that offers high-performance material for touring skiing and freeride skiing. Movement skis have the best performance and comfort to give each skier the best equipment.
Movement skis are a perfect combination of quality and technology in cross-country skis and freeride skis for men, women or children. Showing in each skis exceptional care. Movement skis are thought to use for any kind of skier
Movement is part of the Freeski Company. It has their own manufacturing and patented technologies. They always want to produce the best skis

Movement team, a philosophy of life.

Laurent De Martin - Esquis Movement

Movement team has Freestyle, Freeride and Cross-country athletes such as Laurent De Martin, Thibault Magnin, Sampo Vallotton, Maxime Chabloz or Sybille Blanjean among many other skiers.

In this way, by involving both athletes and developers in each new product, they can achieve a good result in the toughest competitions Movement is a family who are making skiing how a way of life. Their products are recognized in the world thanks to the high quality. One of the best options is buy a good pair of skis designed to last over time which offer you the maximum comfort and the latest technologies on the market.

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