Nordica ski equipment, Italian quality with more than 80 years of experience.

Material de esquí Nordica

Nordica is an Italian ski brand which is manufacturing ski equipment. This company based in Giavera del Montello. Nordica is currently one of the divisions of the Tecnica Group which have Nordica, Blizzard and Tecnica brands. Thanks of that, Tecnica group is one of the most experienced business company in the ski world.

Nordica ski equipment is synonymous of innovation and quality.


The ski passion is in the Nordica DNA for more than 80 years. It is always looking to get the best products. Nordica ski equipment is comfortable, best adjustability, incredible performance and it always focused on offering the best experience to the skiers.

Everything that Nordica designs is taken care to be the best. Performance is the main objective, then the design of the product, and last the excellent manufacturing and testing. This brand is manufacturing the best skis on the market. Nordica provide ski equipment for all kind of skiers, such as boots, skis or ski poles with a high quality and innovation

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A piece of Nordica brand history

Nordica had started producing boots and footwear in 1939 by Adriano and Oddone Vaccari brothers in a small workshop in Montebelluna, Italy. Until postwar years, Nordica would specialize in making cross country ski boots and climbing boots.

However, in 1950 everything would change with a Nordic ski boot and a revolutionary victory, since the incorporation of a new lining which used by Zeno Colò, who was a World Champion, which placed Nordica in the first positions in the internationals ski competitions.

The 60s and 70s brought many of new features that we can see nowadays in ski boots such as a buckle, polyurethane boot and new models and designs which Nordica ski boots implemented in their products. Nordica had an expansion to the United States, Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland and Japan to reach 30% of the ski boots world production.

Since then, Nordica skis and ski equipment have always been at the forefront of manufacturing high-end skis, focused on comfort and performance for elite athletes and winter sports fans.


Nordica skis technology

Nordica uses some of the most advanced technologies in the ski world and is always at the forefront of innovation.

Hexagonal Titanium Bridge: The hexagonal bridge has the power with lightness to save energy and reduce the weight of the skis while maintaining resistance to torsion. This creates a power transmission that increases edge grip, dampens high-speed vibrations, and generates more power and rebound at the end of turns.
Lightweight Core: The Lightweight Core technology is designed exclusively for women and is made up of many thin balsa wood to give to Nordica skis the best performance with a light weight.
Titanium Wood Core Energy 2: Using World Cup technology, the titanium wood core Energy 2 with two metal sheets on the edges offers an incredible stability.

Definitely Nordica is one of the best brands of skis and boots that they have been getting better for more than 80 years. Their objective is manufacturing the best ski boots with a high quality that has made them one of the most popular companies among skiers around the world