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The Fire Arrow Boot is a completely new design built to meet the needs of modern skiers who create high lateral forces, increase the incline and ski at faster speeds.


The Fire Arrow boots address these new demands with a completely new shell design to improve lateral precision, progressive flex front creating easier ankle joint and a 45 degree closure system for maximum heel retention. Stiffness: 13.0 (Progressive Flex up to 100), Progression: 2, Rebound: H, Ultimate: 100: – Last Shape: 100mm. – Flex Index: up to 100 progressive. – Size range: 22.5 to 27.5. – Material: Tr. PU Ether. – Easy-Entry: Tongue. – Extra-Grip: PU. – Shell type: PFP Comfort W Fit. – Buckle material: ALU. – Micro: 3. – Macro-Adjustment: 3 positions – screw on. – Flex Adjustment: Hard-Soft. – Rear Spoiler: Quick Adjust. – Canting: Double. Technology: – 45 Degree Retention: Maximum heel retention, forefoot comfort, easier entry and exit, regardless of temperature – Dynamic Performance Code: Measures the performance parameters of trees. STIFFNESS, PROGRESSION, REBOUND. Rigidity measures the amount of force required to bend the boot forward. The higher the starting stiffness, the higher the power transmission to the ski resort. Progression – progression represents the increase in stiffness as the boot flexes forward from the neutral position to the deepest point of flex. The greatest progression, the stiffest is the boot behaves through forward bending allowing the transmission of the load more accurately from the ski station. Rebound – measures the speed at which the boot returns to the neutral vertical position from the deepest bending point. The higher the bounce rate the faster the starting performance, allowing a quick turn and change of the ski flank. – Progressive Flex has been adjusted. – Tongue Rebound. – All New Shell Design: Completely redesigned shell to address today’s ski style, precision plus lateral.

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