Tecnica ski boots, the quality of the leader

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The quality of Tecnica ski boots is a reference in the world of skiing thanks to work for the innovation and careful manufacturing for all Tecnica products.
Tecnica group owns the following brands: Tecnica, Blizzard, Nordica, Moon Boot, Lowa, Dolomite and Rollerblade, making absolutely all the necessary ski and mountain equipment available to everyone.

All the Tecnica Group ski equipment is synonymous of innovation and quality.


Like other good brands, Tecnica ski boot brand started in a small workshop in Oreste Zanatta’s (Neversa). Originally Orestes made work and mountain boots, but step by step it founded Tecnica ski boots. The brand that years later would become one of the best brands in the ski world.

The ski expansion in Italy did that the Zanatta family betted in this sport. In 1969 they launched the Original Moon Boot. It design was inspired by the Apollo astronaut boot. Those boots razed in the ski world and it became a best-seller.

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Tecnica Group also owns the Nordica ski brand.

In 1970s, Tecnica would definitely set out the best ski boot in the world which name it was Tecnus. This boot was the first bi-injected ski boot. They would continue growing thanks to Tecnica TNT. New successful ski boots serie.

With the acquisition in 1993 of the German mountain shoe company Lowa and the subsequent purchase in 1998 of Dolomite, the oldest mountain equipment company in the world. The result of this acquisitions was born Tecnica Group. It became a world leader in ski boots, leather boots, mountain boots, after-ski and inline skating footwear.

In 2000s, Tecnica was already the world leader in after-ski and the third in ski boots. His constant innovation and increasing quality led him to introduce two new technologies on the market. HOTFORM: a thermoformable liner that adapts in your foot, and Rapid Access, a fast system that makes it easy to put on and take off Tecnica ski boots.

Tecnica ski boots have received various awards such as the ISPO award in 2014 for the Mach 1130, and the ISPO award in 2016 for the Zero G Guide Pro.

Like its sister brands, many athletes wear Tecnica boots such as ski champion Mario Matt, a gold medalist with Tecnica ski boots at the 2014 Olympics and Loic Collomb-Patton champion in the FreeRide World Tour in 2014 and 2017.

Here you can see all the athletes of the Tecnica-Blizzard Team.

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Tecnica ski boot technology

I-Rebound: This system has a metal plate that connects the cuff of the boot to the lower part of the shell. This integration regulates the flex of the boot and offers tons of rear support.

Quick Instep: Tecnica ski boots are softer in the instep area, thanks to their Quick Instep technology that allows the shell to open while sliding the foot in and out of the boot.

Quick Instep Max: Like the Quick Instep, the Quick Instep Max covers more surface area on the instep, allowing the shell to open as you slide your foot in and out of the boot more easily.

Tecnica Volume Concept: Tecnica takes maximum care for all details of its boots with an incredible variety of shapes and sizes in all its collections. Its designed to meet the individual needs of each skier.

Women’s Specific Cuff Design: Tecnica ski boots specifically designed for women, created to perfectly fit the unique anatomy of a woman’s lower leg.

Aqua Stop protection: Tecnica uses a bi-injected material that presents a double ridge structure to keep boot dry.

Tecnica Light Fit: Designed to make walking easier, Tecnica Light Fit features an ultralight, fully thermoformable liner that reduces weight.

Celliant & Lambswool: Available on Mach 1 women’s series, the Celliant and Lambswool liner is constructed of 13 thermo-reactive minerals that convert body heat into infrared energy.

Merino lining: Merino wool is known for its thermal and insulating properties and is used in the linings of all Tecnica boots.

Tecnica is one of the most powerful brands of skis and boots in the market. Its work hard by decades of dedication and innovation in the ski world. Always with the aim of manufacturing the best boots. Tecnica Group as the most recognized and used company by thousands of fans and high-level athletes around the world.